Siete del siete


Creation of a brand for textile startup focused on bull runners. The naming of the brand is based on the day of San Fermin, patron saint of Pamplona (July 7). The world mecca of running of the bulls.

Polo collection

The key element of brand creation was its application as a textile brand for a pole collection. A primary logo (7del7), a secondary logo (sietedelsiete) were developed, as well as the development of a visual heraldic system to compete with other brands used by running of the bulls fans. As for example La Martina® or Polo Ralph Lauren®.

T-shirt collection

In the San Fermines of 2012 the brand was launched. The studio also made the design of a collection of t-shirts. Both with the new brand, and shirts oriented to the preferences of American visitors.

Brand applications

They also made different brand style guides and graphic pieces.

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