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Multidisciplinary design studio

Loren Design Studio has more than 15 years of experience in Branding consulting, mark creation, graphic design, interaction design and WEB development projects.

Basque Oak Brewery

Brand creation for startup Basque OAK Brewery. Complete development of branding and visual identity. Exploration of territories, idea of brand and definition of DNA.

Siete del Siete

Creation of a brand for textile startup focused on bull runners. The naming of the brand is based on the day of San Fermin, patron saint of Pamplona.. The world mecca of running of the bulls.

Why should you develop a 
good branding?

Do not wait any longer to get the benefits your company brings a well-built brand image, which are:

  1. Sell better. With a higher profit margin and higher prices, since brands transmit a perception of quality assurance, better specifications and better service.
  2. Attracts investorsA higher sales margin increases the possibilities of higher revenues, and therefore benefits for shareholders.
  3. Attract talentThe best professionals prefer to develop their career in companies where a good brand identity has developed.

We love photography

To conceptualize a good design we love using good photographs. We always carry with us a camera with which we can capture images that we can later use. In corporate projects, portraits, trips, interiors, landscapes, nature and animals, cities and famous places.

Part of our image bank is being published on the Shutterstock platform, under its reproduction rights parameters. In this way you can download material to use in your projects. We are expanding the material weekly, so do not forget to visit it periodically.

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