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Loren Design Studio

LorenDS was founded in 2002 as a freelance studio, under the commercial name of Loren Ipsum. More than 15 years accumulating experiences in communication and corporate design, which have helped our
specialization in brand creation.

Why should you develop a 
good branding?

Do not wait any longer to get the benefits your company brings a well-built brand image, which are:

  1. Sell better. With a higher profit margin and higher prices, since brands transmit a perception of quality assurance, better specifications and better service.
  2. Attracts investorsA higher sales margin increases the possibilities of higher revenues, and therefore benefits for shareholders.
  3. Attract talentThe best professionals prefer to develop their career in companies where a good brand identity has developed.

Forget the old ideas of selling products and being permanently in a price war. Create a brand that adds value to your customers. Love them and respect them, the brand is really theirs. The first opinion that they will be formed about your products, services and your company, is based mainly on what they see at first sight: the logotype, presentation and packaging.

What we do to help you?

We design brands that evoke sensory and emotional experiences to connect with your customers. What can we do for you to achieve it?:

  • Brand Strategy

  • Positioning. Brand Architecture

  • Brand identity

  • Naming, tagline or claim

  • Brand guideline

  • Packaging

  • Graphic Design

  • Illustrations for brand narrative

  • Web development

  • Brand visual adaptation for APPs (UX/UI)

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